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First Attempts

I’ve started a couple of different novels and I always seem to get about so far on them and then lose steam.

I have characters I like, in situations I think are workable but then the plot just doesn’t seem to be developing into anything.

So the novels sit on the shelf, one quarter finished, gathering dust.

My first novel was about a couple who were on the skids.

They had been trying to have children but nothing was happening on that area and the guy seemed to lose interest in the dwindling prospects.

Then he has an affair. But he confesses his dalliance and promises to do better, even going so far as to suggest changing jobs and finding something less high-strung, and in an entirely different state.

They work through the trust issues and she finds him a suitable job up north, in Vermont.

It is in a quaint town where he will be working and they locate a modest home in a small unincorporated village nearby called “Stone Harvest”.

So, while he is off at work – and he does not have any overtime at this thing – she explores the small community in which she finds herself.

And she very quickly finds a mystery. But it takes a back seat to her reborn romance. Her husband spends more time with her than with his job and soon she finds herself pregnant.

At last!

She thinks she has finally found the happy place she had been looking for but keeps finding herself drawn to a local cemetery.

Though the town looks like it could never have been very large, the number of gravestones speaks volumes, and the reason it is called Stone Harvest.

It was going to be a Tryon-esque tale of mystery with an air of the paranormal.

But that’s about as far as I got on the tale.

My second novel was about a woman who has left her husband – married to his job – and moves to a secluded place on the North Carolina coast called the Barrens.

Which is about the best description of her heart at the moment. After being cheated on and reconciling only to have the process repeat itself, she is pretty decimated emotionally.

She just needs a place to find some peace and rediscover herself. And make a stable environment for her eight-year-old daughter.

And since the old place needs some repairwork, she contacts a local handyman.

The neighbors advise her against hiring him but none of the other “reputable” ones had time for her place.

Little things come out in chats with him while he was working and from gossip in the town that there was something a little unpleasant in the fellow’s past.

Something involving the death of a family in the Barrens…

It was expected to have a touch of the paranormal as well.

And that’s about as far as I got on that one.

Both were exciting to me when I started them but the more I worked, the less interesting they became.